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Why No.1 Marketing Machine?

I realised with over 30 years in Sales and Marketing Industry, that so much business was left on the table, incomplete orders or lost deals, due to either lack of knowledge, fear of rejection or the lack of confidence when it came to presenting products and services. This naturally affects the sales figures, income or business turnover, so I stepped in to help. 

Why should you take this course?

I have put years of experience, education and knowledge into my courses, training and coaching work to help people gain confidence and professionalism they need to prevent stuttering, sweating or any fear they may have when presenting.

I know how daunting it can be because I too, have gone through these motions myself over the years, and felt demoralised, lacking personal confidence and a sense of failure.  However, I have made it my business to help people overcome  similar situations and support them in becoming more confident, better trained, and professional in their delivery of the presentations to close more deals.

Confidence No1 Marketing Machine

Presenting Confidently

To deliver your pitch, proposal or presentation in a confident and professional way.

Close the deal

Follow the Structure

To close more deals with an easy to follow structure to help you stay on track of your presentation.

Audience No1 Marketing Machine

Know Your Audience

Understanding the plan and how to present your pitch or proposal effectively for the different audiences.

Price  close Strategy

Closing More Deals

How to set up an effective price strategy for closing. Also objection handling in a smart way.

What Others Say


I have known Ghazala Jabeen since 2017 and during this time she has personally coached me in different areas of business including marketing, product knowledge and social media. I have always found Ghazala to be a source of great information and support.  Her vast background helps her to adapt and understand every person's individual needs and requirements.  If you are looking to align and work with someone who will just 'get you' and be able to push you to your next goal, Gaz is your lady.

Gaz has also helped me in launching  a tech product, where I wanted to represent the country I live in  which is Spain. As one of our Guest Speakers she supported our teams and helped market the global support with me.

No1 Marketing Machine   Ghazala Jabeen

Lisa Marie Robinson 

 /Founder of Lisa Marie Method


I met Ghazala at a seminar and was immediately struck by her confidence and outgoing, positive nature and felt that she would be a great fit for myself and my business to help us through the "minefield" that is social media marketing In just a very short space of time with her help and guidance we have increased our profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and are putting together a brand new Website design ready for launch in 2020. Her understanding of what we needed to do and making sure we implemented her suggestions on a one to one basis was so very much appreciated as well as the encouragement and motivation she just seems to ooze. An incredible marketing lady who I am privileged to also call a friend.

Ghazala Jabeen  presenting  social media

Adrian Standerwick 

/ Managing Director of  Active CCTV


I have been taking business coaching session with Gaz (Ghazala Jabeen, No.1 Marketing Machine) since October 2019.
It’s amazing having her on my accountable weekly zoom calls. She motivates me, she has taught me many things about business and also, she has a great heart and compassion that make her a great person to talk to. I definitely recommend her coaching.

Ghazala has been able to help me bring clarity to my goals, commitments and direction to what I want to do and how to do it.  I have a better structure in handling my social media presence, business planning and time management, including my personal branding. Ghazala just gets what I need to do to succeed.

No1 Marketing Machine   Business coaching

Silvia Prigitano

/ Founder of Transform Your Life

Our Offerings

To help and empower Direct Sales Professionals, Network Marketers and Business Start-Ups to excel in sales and marketing industry in their efforts to save time and money.

Ghazala Jabeen

No.1 Marketing Machine

by Ghazala Jabeen

Hello, my name is Ghazala Jabeen and I am the Founder of No.1 Marketing Machine. I have over 30 years of experience in the sales and marketing industry for business growth.

I help Direct Sales Professionals, Network Marketers and Start-Up businesses to present powerfully, confidently and professionally to close more deals, increase their sales and yearly turnover.

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